Here is your Guild Executive for 2017-2018.

As you can see by the blanks, we are still looking for a couple of volunteers.  Please contact Janis Peters if you can help.

President                                 Janis Peters

Vice President                        Aline Chan

Treasurer                                Ann Kolkin

Membership                           Aline Chan

Program                                  ______________________, Jill Linkert

Newsletter                              Pam Rinaldo, Ann Kolkin, Aline Chan, Janis Peters

Niblet                                       Guild members (Choose a month at the September meeting.)

Library                                     Maureen Fraser, Susan Johnson

Newsletter Exchange            Pam Rinaldo

Refreshments                         Kathy Johnson

Guild Historian                      Susan Knight

Webmail                                   Aline Chan

Website                                    Gail Frost

Social Media                            Elyse Maxwell

Workshops                              ____________________________