Secret Pen Pals for 2016-17 have been revealed!  Check the list below to see who’s been sending you that great snail mail for the past few months.

Sender Recipient
Ramona Matthews Aline Chan
Marilyn Kronis Robert Pusching
Susan Johnson Ann O’Shea
Carolyn Kovacs Susan Johnson
Wendy Hardy Iris Haecker
Aline Chan Jill Linkert
Donna Lacka Elyse Maxwell
Cory Therrien Gail Frost
Ann Jarvis Karen Hewson
Marilyn Book Ann Jarvis
Wendy Nember Maggie Hughes
Pam Rinaldo Cory Therrien
Lis Latner Carolyn Kovacs
John Trebych Marilyn Kronis
Maggie Hughes Maureen Fraser
Gail Frost Donna Lacka
Elyse Maxwell Maja Ruscher-Bose
Jill Linkert Marilyn Book
Jan Cegnar Ramona Matthews
Ann Kolkin Wendy Nember
Kathy Johnson Lis Latner
Maureen Fraser Audrie Schell
Donna Buck Janis Peters
Karen Hewson John Trebych
Maja Ruscher-Bose Susan Knight
Iris Haecker Pam Rinaldo
 Robert Pusching  Donna Buck
 Dean Mullally  Jan Cegnar
 Audrie Schell  Wendy Hardy
Ann O’Shea Ann Kolkin